A few weeks from now when it's been cold and wet for weeks and I am yearning for the warmth of the Summer sun I will have to remind myself of this atmospheric incident. Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center are suggesting that further development of a tropical weather system in the Caribbean Sea will likely be disrupted by a cold front set to pass through Louisiana on Friday.

Officials with the National Hurricane Center say a broad area of low pressure off the coast of Nicaragua will be moving into an area of the ocean that is prime for development. However, the cold front that is forecast to bring showers, storms, and colder weather to Louisiana over the weekend will likely disrupt that development on Sunday.


As much as I despise the cold I will take having to wear long pants and a coat over having to clean up storm debris. I think we are all weary of watching the tropics this season. Especially when you consider we've had 15 named systems during the 2017 Hurricane Season. 

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