This is the vindication the former top cop at Louisiana's Angola Penitentiary was talking about last year. Burl Cain, at the time the nation's longest serving prison warden, was accused of less than above board actions. Media reports from a Baton Rouge television station had suggested that Cain was using his office to gain influence in real estate deals.

Those deals allegedly involved the families of some of the inmates under Edwards supervision at Angola. It was also suggested that Cain had state corrections employees do personal jobs for him at his home while being paid by the state. There was also a report that the warden had ordered state corrections employees drive his wife's state owned vehicle. This was allegedly done so it would appear that his wife was working when she was not actually on the job.

Despite maintaining his innocence and denying any wrong doing Cain stepped down from his job at the end of 2015. Cain suggested in comments to a Baton Rouge TV station that he was stepping down to avoid embarrassment for the corrections department.

After several months of investigation a multi-agency investigation team has revealed their findings on Mr. Cain. This task force found the warden did nothing wrong. State Inspector General Stephen Street based on the available facts there was not enough evidence to support the allegations made against Mr. Cain.



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