When Burl Cain announced on television a few weeks ago that he would be resigning his position as warden at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola it was unexpected.

Cain had been the top man at the facility since 1995. However series of reports spearheaded by The Advocate, a newspaper based out of Baton Rouge, had implicated Cain in some less than scrupulous dealings. Those alleged dealings and those stories are at least part of the reason that Cain will resign December 31. It is also why a joint investigation into his activities is now underway.

The Department of Corrections, Louisiana State Police, and Inspector General's office are now involved in a joint investigation of Cain.

We believe that joint investigation in this matter will actually help us get to the bottom of this situation more quickly and more efficiently .

The words of Inspector General Stephen Street as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.  

The investigation of Cain surrounds allegations of questionable real estate dealings. Those allegations were first brought to light by reports from the Baton Rouge Advocate. Cain has insisted he has done nothing wrong and his decision to resign was not an admission of any wrong doing.

Col. Mike Edmonson with Louisiana State Police told reporters that he has sent a team of investigators to Angola to gather information.

We've been pulling records, we've pulled information based on time sheets and those type of things. We are in the process reviewing those and looking through those.

While the catalyst for the investigation had been some questionable real estate deals between Cain, inmates, and the families of inmates, there appear to be other issues that are being looked into as well. Corrections Secretary James Leblanc told reporters,

I don't have facts to look at, at this point. That's going to be determined by the investigation. All of the allegations have been made are serious allegations and we are going to treat them that way.

Cain is set to step down from the Warden's post on December 31 of this  year. He has been the warden at the Angola facility for the past 21 years.