Shea Patterson, wise beyond his years or a rat deserting a sinking ship? I guess it depends on which side of the current not quite Tennessee dumpster fire you find yourself regarding Ole Miss football.

Ole Miss was an up and coming program once again in the SEC West. Then came the recruiting violations, the coaching issues, the whole screwed up mess if you will. That left star athletes like quarterback Shea Patterson with a bit of a dilemma. The former Calvary Baptist star needed a place to play where he could and would be seen. Ole Miss was no longer that place.

Patterson requested and received his release from the Rebels and was expected to be recruited by LSU, however, Michigan got to him first. Patterson announced via Twitter that he would be taking his talents north to the University of Michigan. A school with its own issues, namely Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan State, Wisconsin, and if they aren't looking, Indiana.

Patterson should flourish under the Michigan system. He will have a chance to show his stuff and maybe even earn a job on Saturday that could lead to a job on Sunday. I wish him well now that he is no longer connected with Ole Miss.

In fact, I wish all players could have the chance to change their allegiance to a school when a coaching staff screws the pooch in regards to NCAA violations or the head coach bails for a bigger paycheck. These kids and these families were promised an opportunity of a certain caliber when they agreed to take a scholarship and play sports. When the school screws up or the coach takes another job to me that's a violation of the contract.

The only problem with my way of thinking is that it will screw up the NCAA business model. Don't be fooled, it's not an organization that benefits college athletes, it's a multi-billion dollar business that is run by people who have dollar signs and not GPA's in their sights.

Good Luck Shea, I never thought I would say that but who life changes right? I will even cheer for Michigan too. Not because I like them but because Ohio State is the most overrated football program in the history of history.

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