Jeremy Shockey was questioned by the FBI about a friend of his that is being investigated for running an international drug and gambling ring.

Owen Hanson, a former college football player who played at Southern Cal at the same time as former Saints running back Reggie Bush, is being investigated by the FBI for running a multi-million dollar operation called ODOG Enterprise.

Shockey denied knowing anything about any wrongdoing. He met Hanson at a pool party, and the two became friends. The reason that the FBI questioned Shockey is because they knew the pair traveled together to Costa Rica, Miami, and Los Angeles in 2010.

Obviously Hanson was not who Shockey thought he was.

"I thought he was in the real-estate business like me," Shockey said, via The Post. "I'm a straight businessman. I don't hang out with drug dealers or prostitutes. I'm here with my girlfriend making out, and I get a knock on my door from these agents. I said to them, 'Come on in. I got nothing to hide.'"

Added Shockey: "I treated him like a friend. I let him stay at my house. He loved to surf. We'd go to the gym together. We went to the same parties together.

"I thought he was a very smart, nice guy. He was single. He was so cool. He was on the phone all the time. He knew everybody — DJs, celebrities. Pete Carroll knows him. Reggie Bush knows him; they were teammates at USC. This guy had money. He had cash on him all the time. But I thought it was from his business. No one knew any of this (expletive) was going on."

Shockey played three seasons with the Saints from 2008 to 2010, and was part of the Super Bowl winning team, catching a touchdown pass from Drew Brees in Super Bowl XLIV.

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