This morning, our good buddy Frankie Ballard checked in on the Star Hotline. Frankie's got a new album out today called Sunshine & Whiskey and it features the current top 10 hit "Helluva Life".

Frankie has made a trip or two to south Louisiana and is a big fan of gator heads. When he visited a few months ago, he was on a mission to find a couple to use as props for his amp. Apparently, he had luck.

I always thought they'd be really cool to sit on stage with me...It really makes a statement to have those two up there saying 'don't touch my stuff''

We also got to talking about the new CD and the fact that there are a lot drinking songs on it. Heck, the title is Sunshine & Whiskey!

There also may have been a hint about a possible show here in Lafayette with Frankie. Listen to the entire interview here to find out what date that concert could possibly be.

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