They are the ultimate sidekick. They go great with steak, burgers,  hot dogs, wedding receptions, ball games, and long car rides. There are probably several in your back seat of floorboard right now and we all love them.

Some of us love them just the way they are. Others of us like to dunk them in ketchup. In Belgium they serve them with a side of mayonnaise. They are thin strips of golden brown goodness, they are crinkle cut for our enjoyment, they come thick like a first grade pencil and anyway they come they are loved.

Today Is French Fry Day: Except for a brief period of time when we were upset at the French and called them Freedom Fries, French fries  have been a part of the American way of life. While the name implies a French beginning most historians say these golden batons of potato goodness actually fell from a fryer in Belgium first.

For many people McDonald's is the gold standard of french fries. However many other national fast food chains can lay claim to legions of fans as well. If you haven't tried the fries they have at The Hot Dawg Stop in Youngsville you're missing a treat. You can ask them what the seasoning is they put on them and they will smile at you politely.

Where do your favorite fries come from? If  you were only going to get fries what drive thru, drive in, dine in, or pull into place would you go? Do  you like them seasoned? How about curly? I like mine loaded with chilli and cheese but that's not really french fries is it?