McDonald's is giving away free fries every Friday for the rest of 2023.

Some would call that "Fry-yay!" McDonald's simply calls it "Free Fries Friday." 

Whatever you call it, free is always a good thing.


What's the deal?

The fast-food restaurant is offering free medium fries to its reward members with any $1 purchase made through the McDonald's app on Fridays through December 31, 2023.

I mean, you will need a burger, drink and apple pie to wash them fries down, right?

How do I scoop up my free fries?

Download the McDonald's app, go to the "Deals" tab, select the Free Friday deal, and tap "add deal to mobile order."

Then, make your payment using any major credit card and pick up your order curbside at your nearest McDonald's drive-thru.

(This reminds me, I got to try this mobile app ordering thing, especially when I pull up and the line is long.)

Reward members can redeem their free fries from participating McDonald's locations once every Friday.


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