If ever there was a place to commit mischief with a minimal fear of being caught, I'd have to say that place would be the New Orleans French Quarter. The streets of The Quarter are often packed on weekend nights in the Big Easy and when you have big events like The Bayou Classic in town the crowds can get even bigger.

With those bigger crowds comes the opportunity for ne'er do wells to do what they do best, which is cause trouble. New Orleans police say they stopped several stampedes of people in the French Quarter over the weekend. The "stampedes" appear to be some poorly raised individual's idea of fun.

Fortunately, police were able to quell the fictional forced public panic in very short order. No pedestrians or tourists were injured in any of the incidents which police can only describe as people trying to cause panic for their own amusement.

Police did not elaborate on what they believed spurred the stampedes nor did they make any arrests in connection with the multiple incidents that occurred over the weekend. There were no injuries reported in any of the incidents as well.

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