It's a discussion we have at our house at least once a week. I do most of the shopping for the family because of my strange work schedule. Jill and Anna usually help select the menu, in other words they "suggest" what I buy at the grocery. The system works pretty well except in one category, vegetables.

Here is the conundrum. Jill, my wife, likes fresh vegetables. Actually I do too but I know that fresh vegetables need to be used very quickly in order to get all of the good stuff out of them. At our house we usually don't get the vegetables to the plate fast enough for that to happen. In fact we probably have more fresh vegetables go beyond useful than we ever get to use. I know we are a sad group aren't we.

I like buying frozen vegetables, especially when I know I am not going to be cooking with them on the day of purchase. The frozen aspect gives me flexibility in using the products without sacrificing too much flavor or nutritional value. The debate has always been do we lose to much of the good stuff by using frozen veggies instead of the fresh ones. This video certainly shed some light on how to make our decisions a lot better.

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