What is that Barretta used to say? "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time". Well it looks as if Ms LiLo is about to get a taste of regular folks life. It's a life where fame and fortune and fake tears and high priced attorneys can't save your sorry butt from the bad things you did. It's called consequences, and we all  have to deal with our own and so should Lindsay Lohan. I'm sorry to hear she is scared. She should have been scared long before now when she had the chance to set the ship on the right course.

"I'm not sure if she can survive this," a friend of Lindsay's tells me. "She is so terrified and frightened that we all fear her addictions will kick in again to help her numb the fear."

We all know what will happen if she does go in the hole. She will come out, make millions on the talk show circuit, get better movie deals and be a role model to our youth. Let's hope she at least gets the going to jail part right.

(via Friend: Lindsay Lohan 'Terrified' of What Lies Ahead | PopEater.com.)

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