New Orleans native Gerald Gruenig is an AM reporter/host, food junkie and music connoisseur for KLFY TV in Lafayette, La. If there's good food and/or music anywhere in Acadiana, you can bet Gerald will be there with a camera and in good spirits. Gerald jokes on his Facebook page, "I do a little bit of everything at KLFY News 10 in Lafayette, Louisiana". Gruenig has won over the hearts of Acadiana with his wit, charm and good humor all of which were challenged while interviewing two bystanders live over the weekend at the annual Frog Festival in Rayne, La.

The Frog Festival in Rayne, La. celebrates 50 years with a celebration that officially kicked off May, 11 and runs through Sunday, May 15. The festival is fun for all ages with great food, fun and music. The nice weather has brought out thousands of people from all over the world for this one-of-a-kind south Louisiana cultural event.

Gerald Gruenig was doing a live shot for the "KLFY Road Show" promoting what the Frog Festival had in store for those in attendance. In Gruenig's usual cheerful demeanor, he was sharing highlights from the festival, saluted one of the food vendors, then, turned to two men whom he referred to as "bystanders". The two men were happy to be at the festival, at one point joking about having their names on TV.

We wanted to get our name on TV since it's already in the post office. -Frog Festival Bystander

Gerald asked the men, "Yall looking forward to the weekend? Y'all just attending? What's going on? One of the bystander's comment took everyone, including many watching, by surprise.

We come to do a Lil boogie down, shakin', a Lil eatin' chasins ugh loose women. -Frog Festival Bystander

Gruenig never missed a beat, "Oh Lawd, sounds like I need to hang out with y'all this weekend".

"We ain't gonna be bored". -Frog Festival Bystander

Let's crank it up, man...I love it...I love it, said Gruenig as the three men had a good festival moment...and laugh.

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