I really hate the double-edged sword that is driving in Louisiana. I love not paying an awful lot for a gallon of gas. I hate the fact that low fuel prices usually mean low oil prices and that means troubled times for the oil patch. A place where so many of my friends and neighbors earn a paycheck.

Based on the latest reports from the American Automobile Association the side of the sword with the lower fuel prices appears to be the one that is sharpened for use, at least over the fall driving season. An analyst with AAA is suggesting that because of lower prices for crude oil. Louisiana gas prices could be dropping even more over the next few weeks.

Currently, the average price for a gallon of fuel in the state is $2.22. That's about .40 cents less than what we were paying at this same time last year. AAA analysis of the oil and gas production market suggests in a few weeks the statewide average price for a gallon of regular gas will be down to $2.05.

Now comes the but, because you know in the oil and gas industry there is always a but.

This forecast for fuel prices is based on the situation in the Middle East remaining fairly stable. It also assumes there will be no interruption in Gulf of Mexico production because of a tropical weather system. Should either of those kinds of incidents happen then all bets are off because fuel prices would likely rise. At least temporarily.

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