Garth Brooks had to protect his integrity and finances against a former employee in a $226K lawsuit. Lisa Sanderson, former CEO of Red Strokes Entertainment Inc., filed a lawsuit against Brooks for being a "paranoid, angry, deceitful and vindictive man." Wow, low blow! Good thing the jury sided with Garth.

Garth won the case because the $226,000 was a loan given to Sanderson. She battled to make it seem as if Garth was asking something of her she could not give him. She said she did not have the money to repay him and nothing was ever documented regarding loans or repayments.

According to the Tennessean, the sum includes interest from the last six years, legal fees and collection costs. Sanderson relied on a verbal agreement she said she made with Brooks, but documents prove that he expected repayments over a certain amount of time.

According to IndyStar, Brooks loaned Sanderson the money to help her pay for a custody battle for her child from 2005 to 2007. "In my opinion she was going to battle for her son," Brooks told the seven-member jury during the trial. "She asked if I would pay her lawyer bills, and I said yes."

In my opinion that was awfully nice of Garth. Too bad she turned around and filed a lawsuit against him. At least things are cleared up now and Garth can go about his merry way.