Motorists across the state and the nation will be driving to the polls tomorrow ( Nov.6) having paid just a little bit less for fuel in the weeks leading up the election than they may have paid a month or so ago.

According to the Lundberg Survey gas prices and diesel prices are down across much of the country. The analysts with Lundberg suggest that the lower fuel prices are directly linked to the lower prices for crude oil that have been recorded on the international markets over the past month or so.

The highest prices for fuel in the nation are in Honolulu Hawaii where you can expect to pay $3.82 a gallon. The lowest prices in the nation were reported to be in the Tulsa Oklahoma area where a gallon a regular fuel is $2.39

Gas prices around Louisiana are down as well. In fact, there are many locations in the state that are offering fuel for an even lower price than reported in the Lundberg Survey. Many fuel outlets in the state have regular fuel priced as low as $2.19 a gallon.

Many Lafayette area fuel locations are reporting fuel prices as low as $2.22 a gallon but most places around Acadiana are about $2.25 to $2.35 a gallon.

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