Could the Ragin Cajuns of Jake Delhomme defeat the Ragin Cajuns of Coach Mark Hudspeth? I am sure that if you spent enough time at Walk-Ons or at Pete's on Johnston that question would eventually come up. If only there was a way to settle the argument.

There is a way, it's a site called What If Sports and not only can you pit college teams from different times against each other in a cybersports battle royale. You can take teams from almost all sports and match them up against other teams of different generations.

The site uses stats and other information from each team and combines those facts and figures into a simulated "game" versus another team. Be sure you click "Sim Matchup" to choose your teams and the year for each team you want.  You can choose college football, pro football, baseball and other sports. Is it accurate? It's about as accurate as any other computer simulation but it does make for some great chatter around the sports bar.

By the way in my simulated match up between the Cajuns of Jake and the Cajuns of Hud, it was Coach Hud coming out on top 32-25.

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