Scenic Fayetteville Arkansas is nestled in the upper crotch of the Boston Mountains within the Ozarks range. The town takes its name from Lafayette, the General, not the much better town. To visit Fayetteville is like a romantic stroll through a slaughterhouse.

There is so much to see and do we thought we'd highlight some of the brighter spots that you wouldn't want to miss on your trip north of I-10.

Remember you will be passing through Walmart country so make sure you build time into your trip to see the National Walmart  Greeters Gallery along the way in fabulous Bentonville.



The Clinton House and Museum: This is actually the first house that Bill and Hillary Clinton shared as man and wife. The couple married in the living room of the property in 1975.  It might make you chuckle to to know the house is situated just off Dickson street. You might want to even go on a Billgramage, their word not mine, to discover more about our country's 42nd President.

Bird Watching: You won't be in Fayetteville for more than fifteen minutes before you'll be thinking, "this place is for the birds". The Ozarks make a wonderful back drop for those who enjoy looking at birds. Oh the excitement of seeing real live birds. You sure can't see things like birds back in Lafayette. Make sure you bring your camera because your friends won't believe how many birds you can see when you are at the epicenter of the bird watching nation in Fayetteville.

Drinking: If the Clinton Museum and the Bird Watching haven't taken too much wind out of your sails, downtown Fayettville is home to a lot of bars. You might ask why would there be so many places to drink in such a small community? This is Arkansas where the pain of being from Arkansas can only be numbed by drinking a lot of alcohol and making loud pig noises. Many children believe that those two activities, drinking and pig noises, are where babies come from.

Alright we've poked a little, okay a lot of fun at Fayetteville and the hog headed legions of fans they will bring out to the game on Saturday. The bottom line for most Cajuns fans is this. It is not a dry county like they have at Arkansas State. There are a lot of mountains so that means if you drink don't drive because you could fall off of one of those mountains. They do make good barbeque and besides that obnoxious pig  yell they do, the fans of the University of Arkansas are pretty good people to know.

If you don't plan on making the trek to Arkansas you can still follow the Cajuns on Saturday by listening live right here.


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