Hot off their April Fools Joke about Google 8-Bit for Nintendo comes the media giant’s announcement they’re in the process of testing augmented reality glasses that make you feel like Iron Man or the Terminator and look like Levar Burton’s character in Star Trek .

We honestly think the advancement of technology has gotten out of hand. It’s progressing so quickly, consumers hardly have a chance to catch up. The majority of users can hardly take a screenshot or make their webcams work much less control voice-activated glasses that are basically wearable computers.

While techno-nerds rejoice and prepare their sleeping bags to camp out in front of the… Google… store, we have to wonder about the fact we lose our glasses all the time. Well, looks like that’s okay because they’re also developing CONTACTS.

Here’s the video demo of how Google hopes the glasses will work:

And here’s how we envision they’ll end up working in real life:

And you thought Bluetooth headset users looked like dooshers.

[Via LA Times]

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