If your family is like mine, then you've probably been doing a lot more cooking during this coronavirus quarantine. Yes, we are just now inching out of the house and back into society, but being cooped up for several weeks/months has turned some of us into gourmet chefs. For some unknown reason all of my friends have all of a sudden been dying to make homemade bread, and I guess they are not alone, because flour has been somewhat of a hot commodity at the grocery store lately. (Not as much as Lysol and Clorox Wipes, of course)

KCAL in Los Angeles, with the help of Google, has found the most searched for recipe in each state during the coronavirus lock-down. Pretty interesting stuff, especially if you're in Louisiana (I thought everyone knew how to make crawfish etouffee?!) Check them out below, and if you go here, you can actually get the recipes. It looks like hamburger comes in first with twelve states, bread is second in nine states, salmon in four states.  Wondering what the heck is choroset, New York, and hey, I'm all about trying some of that Chicken Parm, Rhode Island.


  • Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia


  • Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio, South Dakota, Washington and Wyoming (sourdough) Mississippi (cornbread)


  • Alabama (chicken salad), Rhode Island (chicken parm), Tennessee (baked chicken) Hawaii (shoyu chicken)


  • Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey

Cinnamon Rolls:

  • Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon

Pound Cake:

  • North Carolina, South Carolina

Egg Salad:

  • Colorado, Pennsylvania,

Check out the whole list here, which includes everything from zucchini to pancakes to pork loin



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