Jaci Russo from RUSSO is our branding expert, but she also moonlights as a die hard Cajuns fan. She's on board with every sport, but something magical happens when baseball season rolls around. This long-time season ticket holder was in the stands when scores weren't so great. Did I say she's a die hard fan yet?

Over the weekend, she had a brush with political fame. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was in town to see his son play against the Cajuns for Princeton. Christie arrived by motorcade to the Tigue before the Friday night game.

Jaci Russo with Chris Christie - June 3,2016
Jaci Russo with Chris Christie - June 3,2016

Jaci tends to be at the right place at the right time and this time she got to take a picture. She said he was a really nice guy over all. Christie took in the game like a true fan sat in the visitor's section and had no part of special accommodations made for him.


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