While higher education has been Baton Rouge's budget whipping boy for the past decade it doesn't appear as if our younger students are going to have to suffer at the hands of bad government and poor budgeting. Governor John Bel Edwards made his intentions about his budget cutting plans clear for educators in our state's kindergarten through 12th grade.

He said that despite the state's current budget shortfall he will not be seeking to make any cuts in the state's $3.7 billion budget for public schools. This money is put into the Minimum Foundation Program and is then distributed to schools as needed and budgeted.

I am committed to making sure that first of all, we don't cut the MFP

That's what Governor Edwards has to say when questioned about proposed budget cuts to state programs. His response was reported in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network. In that same story the Governor went on to say that educators and administrators should not be expecting any increase in funding during the next fiscal year.

And at some point soon we're going to have to get back on that dry path where we are growing at least to account for inflation.

Edward's remarks were made during a listening tour sponsored by the Louisiana Association of Educators. His remarks were in response to questions and comments presented by educators during this tour.


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