I swear this is actually going to happen one day. There will be a huge breakthrough in mankind's attempt to better the planet and it will be thwarted because of bad grammar. Yep, the Grammar Police don't seem to care about the idea or intent of words as they are written. They are so focused on the commas, periods, punctuation, and proper subject and verb agreement they are blind to the idea that is being conveyed.

Neal McCoy has a new song about the NFL National Anthem protests. The song, Take A Knee, My Ass seems to ring true with a lot of people who understand what the intent of the song is meant to be. However, the bags of douche that happen to be the self-appointed guardians of the grammar galaxy are speaking out on social media.

Let's face it the real reason these well-intentioned souls are "mocking" this song is that it's Country Music. How dare some yokel come up with a tune that describes the way a lot of people in the "flyover states" feel.

Where was the outrage to all of the Pop songs, rap songs, and songs of other genres that don't even use words in the title? Anybody mocking Prince for I Would Die 4 U? Where was the outrage for Avril Lavigne's Sk8er Boi? Oh yeah, I forgot, those aren't country songs so they get a hall pass.

Grammar Police, I understand your quest. I am sure you'll find a lot of mistakes in this narrative too. Just know I tried and even used my grammar check and spell check before I hit publish. So, hopefully, your short attention span won't be deflected from the idea I am trying to convey with the words in this piece.

By the way, the idea I am trying to convey is this if you missed it. It's just a song. A song a lot of people like. They like the message of the song too. That message is about respect for our nation's flag and the many people who have fought and died to ensure that flag will always fly over a nation where you have the right to be an ass about grammar.



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