Although it's been said, many times, many ways, we sure love food in Louisiana. It seems everywhere you turn you'll run into a great eatery serving up some of the best food you've ever put in your mouth. Lafayette's food choices are expanding daily, with plenty of franchise restaurants bringing their offerings to Acadiana. We want to focus on those businesses that you can't find anywhere else, the locally-owned options that residents know provide some amazing options to consume. By no means is this list a complete count of all the amazing options, but at least it's a good start for anyone coming in from out of town. Here are some amazing locally-owned places to grab a burger in Lafayette

  • Deano's Pizza

    Bertrand and Kaliste Saloom Locations

    Yes, it's a pizza place, but it's also much more

    Way back in 1971, this family owned pizza place opened its doors and brought 'pizza like no other' to Lafayette. They've got an amazing selection of pizzas, including some truly unique creations like the Marie Laveaux and the Cajun Executioner. If you've ever thought of ordering something other than pizza, they've got you covered with traditional fare including spaghetti, lasagna and more pasta dishes. But, if you haven't tried their hamburger (whether traditional or as an amazing topper for a salad) you're missing out. Seasoned, juicy and large enough to make a grown man full, Deano's burger is a sure bet for a great burger. Oh, and if you love pizza and burgers, they've got you covered with the Pizza Burger. Watch and drool.

  • BJ's Pizza

    2484 W. Congress

    Yes, another pizza place...

    A stone's throw away from the Cajundome is another great place for pizza, and burgers. BJ's Pizza has some creative toppings, from the Mexican pizza to the Chicken Ranch pizza, even veggie pizza for those behaving during Lent. The Peggy's Delight is always a treat, but one of their amazing items is the hamburger. Get the regular, cheese burger, bacon cheese burger or kick it up a notch with the New Orleans burger with an extra dash of seasonings an spices. You can check out the New Orleans burger and other delicious items in their Eat Lafayette video from a few years ago.

  • Broaddus Burgers

    1940 Moss St.

    Drive-in Never Tasted So Good

    Another locally-owned eatery, Broaddus Burgers manages to bring high-quality ingredients and amazing flavors into a drive-in setting in upper Lafayette. The restaurant occupies a space that was home to a former burger franchise but had since left. What replaced it was nothing short of a blessing to the area. Owner Shawn Broaddus brought his 'custom-built, cooked to order concept to Lafayette and managed to step up the burger game in the city. With a wide selection of pre-designed burgers, including a veggie Portabello Cap burger to the Tuna Steak burger and a variety of beef options, one will fit the bill. If not, you can make your own with a diverse selection of ingredients, all without leaving your car. Definitely watch the video on their website for Shawn's philosophy behind the brand, and head on over to experience it for yourself.

  • Judice Inn

    3134 Johnston St.

    Celebrating 60 Years in Lafayette

    In what used to be a stop at the outskirts of town, on the dirt road headed for Abbeville, Judice Inn is now smack-dab in the middle of town, between the mall and downtown. When you walk in you can see and feel the history of the building which hasn't changed in over half a century. Neither has their recipe for success. Building a quality burger with options being single, double and cheese or no cheese. The burger is wrapped in wax paper with a thick slice of onion in case you'd like to add it. Be sure to get there early, because if you hit it during lunch time, you're gonna have to wait, but it's worth it.

  • Southside Bakery

    4519 W. Congress

    Burgers are like children, they're each unique but you love them equally. Another burger favorite in Lafayette is Southside Bakery, who are serving Lafayette delicious burgers and sweets at their new location on Congress St. Sometimes, what makes one burger different from another is the bun. Southside has a unique 'meat delivery device' in their bun made in-house that gives it a special flavor and texture you won't find in other locations. They also offer other alternatives to regular beef burgers including turkey burgers, crab burgers and crawfish burgers. As usual, get there early before the lunch crowd really hits, unless you've got time.

  • Hot Food Express

    3013 Cameron St.

    Always Ate The Fried Rice Until...

    Hot Food Express on Cameron doesn't have a website or flashy videos, but what they do have is amazing food. DJZee Baloch has brought his unique brand of fusion cuisine to Lafayette and one often overlooked item on the menu is his hamburger. Everyone we talked to raved about his Zee's Special and other fried rice combinations that they never thought to order his burger, until they tried it. It's big, juicy and full of flavor. With multiple options for toppings and even your choice of french fries or their signature fried rice, you won't leave disappointed...or hungry.

  • Burgersmith

    1314 Camellia Blvd

    In the unique items category, Burgersmith really expands the concept of a burger, from serving high quality beef to harder to find options including organic beef, bison, lamb, turkey and even brisket burgers. A wide array of toppings and additions are available to really let your creative juices flow, and don't forget about their amazing french fries that include regular, Smith-style fries and even butter and garlic fries.

  • Fat Pat's Bar and Grill

    626 Verot School Rd. - 117-A Westmark Blvd

    The name says it all

    You don't name a restaurant 'Fat Pat's' and expect to feel merely satisfied when you leave. Their motto, 'never trust a skinny cook' lives up to its reputation with their unique burger creations. From Queso burgers, Mac and Cheese burgers to the Elvis-inspired Peanut Butter burger, you can take your taste buds on a flavor adventure. Just as impressive is their selection of hot dog options. There's bound to be a combination you love, or haven't tried yet.

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