I like mine with ketchup and tomatoes, Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes

Ahh the drunken cry of the late night Parrothead coming home from some place where they put fruit in your beer. That's who this day is made for. It's also a day  made for the working man who's got to eat but still drive the truck. It's a day for backyard Grill Master who just wants to impress his friends. It's a day for carnivore in all of us.

Today is Hamburger Day: Great God Almighty, what a reason to celebrate. Think of your favorite burger. Tell me where did you get that burger? Did you make it at home or did you get it from somewhere? I'd like to know about your favorite burger and just why you love it so much.

There are about as many burgers to love as there are lover's of burgers. I can tell you a few of my favorites. I really like Morvant's in Youngsville. The special mix they have on the  meat is something exceptional. The California Dreamin' Burger from Ground Pati' will do my heart and stomach good too. I love the guacamole.  Whether you're a Walk Ons kind of guy or a Judice Inn traditionalist there is a burger that is waiting for your tongue to taste it.

I think the first burger I fell in love with was the Big Mac. I still like Big Macs a lot. Although when traveling I will opt for the Quarter Pounder with Cheese for its ease of mobile consumption.

Since today is hamburger day and it's not polite to talk with your mouthful, you can just leave us a message about your favorite burger on our Facebook page or just comment right below this story.


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