I don't think anything new was said. I don't think anything new was promised. It was at best a repeat of the often repeated. In other words it was a typical political debate.

Democratic candidate for Governor John Bel Edwards and Republican candidate for Governor David Vitter went before the bright lights of TV one last time in the hopes of earning the votes of those that have yet to make up their mind.

The debate had a more angry tone than the previous encounters between the candidates have had. The debate opened with a question about Syrian Refugees and concluded with both Vitter and Edwards vocalizing why they should be chosen as Louisiana's next Governor.

Among the themes that were bantered about in last night's debate, David Vitter's prostitution scandal. Vitter was not shy about discussing the issue and how the experience has helped him become a better person.

I’ve used that every day since then to do right by them, also to work hard, recommit to the people of Louisiana. We’re in a low point in Louisiana, we can go to great heights.

Edwards continued to tout his military experience as the basis for what he believes is the best way to lead the state forward.

When I was commissioned an Army officer, nobody asked me whether I was a Democrat or a Republican because you don’t win wars by dividing an Army against itself. I will govern by those same principles.

The latest polls show Vitter trailing Edwards as election day draws closer. Early voting concluded this past Saturday and those that did not choose vote early will have the opportunity to cast their ballot this coming Saturday November 21.

The debate was sponsored by WVLA-TV and took place The Dunham School in Baton Rouge. Information used in this article was obtained courtesy of the Louisiana Radio Network.