In a few months all of us will be talking about Ron Burgundy, the Will Ferrell character who was a TV anchor man back in the 1980's. I won't blame you for thinking of Ron and his crew as you watch this clip from back in the day. This however isn't comedy. This is real life and is the reason why broadcast outlets have to be very careful about who can and who can't get into the studio.

This is KNBC in Los Angeles and as you can tell by the big hair on the ladies it's definitely the 80's. A young man has asked to visit the studio during the 4pm live newscast. It is during this newscast he casually walks on to the set and puts a gun in the back of David Horowitz, a noted consumer rights reporter.

Watch the drama unfold in this video and you will understand why you can't just stroll into a radio or tv station without being invited. I have to hand it to the crew at KNBC. I would have probably wet myself and then started to bawl like a baby under these circumstances.