Next time your boss gets you riled up, or someone gets under your skin. Just remember! These spells might come in handy for all of you with magical powers out there! Give it a try!

Meteolojinx Recanto (MEE-tee-OL-uh-jinks re-CAN-toh)
Antidote to spells that change the weather.

Morsmorde (morz-MOR-druh)
It conjures up the dark mark of Voldemort

Evanesco (EV-uh-NES-co)
A Vanishing Spell

Densaugeo (den-SAW-jee-oh)
Causes the victim's teeth to grow at an alarming rate.

Diffindo (di-FIN-doh)
Cuts or rips objects. Usually used when one of the main characters are tied up.

Salvio Hexia (SAL-vee-o HEX-e-uh)
Protects an area from hexes.

Furnunculus (fur-NONE-cue-lis)
Causes someone to break out in boils

Piertotum Locomotor (peer-TOTE-im lo-co-MO-tor)
Makes statues and suits of armor move like people.

Levicorpus (leh-vee-COR-pis)
Causes a person to dangle in the air upside down.

Incarcerous (in-CAR-sir-us)
Causes ropes to come to life and tie up a victim.

Expecto Patronum (ex-PECK-to puh-TROH-num)
A protective spell that conjures up a Patronus (spirit animal) to scare away Dementors

Lumos (LOU-mohs)
It lights up the end of your wand so you can see in a dark room

Oculus Reparo (OCK-u-liss ree-PARE-oh)
Hermione uses it to fix Harry's glasses

Expelliarmus (ecks-PELL-ee-arm-us)
It knocks another wizard's wand out of his hand.

Liberacorpus (LIB-ur-uh-COR-pis)
It's the antidote to a spell that causes a person to hang upside down in mid air.



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