Have you ever taken a canoeing trip? Did you know you can do that right here in Louisiana? If you have a blank space on your Summer 2015 bucket list, canoeing should fill that spot.

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Staff Photo

I recently took a canoeing trip in Mittie, La and boy did I have a blast. There are a few places not far from home that offer inexpensive canoe rentals and guarantee a good time.

There are also some things to keep in mind before you canoe. Make sure you bring sunscreen because it gets hot hot, a dry change of clothes and a towel. There is a spot in the canoe for an ice chest just remember to leave glass containers at home. And of course the last and most important thing to remember, bring a big group of people.

We had about 15 people in our canoe group and we had a ton of fun. There are spots along the canoeing route where you can bank and sit in the sand and relax or take a break. There were a few groups who even set up beer pong tables and certain stops. There are also certain stops that have rope swings so you and friends can have fun in the water.

Fair warning, there is a high possibility that you could tip your canoe over. We had four of our canoes tip more than once and (even though it was hilarious) things can get ruined so make sure to only bring the necessities.

If you are looking for something fun to do this summer, but you don't want to travel out of state, canoeing is the perfect idea for you and your friends and family.

P.S. Be sure to bring plenty of water. It will be your best friend.

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