Helping Hands for the Holidays is a program that 97.3 The Dawg, The Stuller Family Foundation, the Community Foundation of Acadian and Covenant Methodist Church work together on to make a difference for deserving families and individuals during this holiday time of the year. Our goal is not to provide a “hand out” but rather a “helping hand’ for someone who is already working hard to better their current situation.

There are many great charities devoted to helping those with out anything. Help Hands is dedicated to helping those that fall in the cracks between qualifying for aid and earning enough to support and sustain a healthy comfortable lifestyle.

Here is how you can help us, if you know of a family or individual that is presently doing the best they can but still falling short because of circumstances beyond their control please let me know about them. We ask that there be no self nomination. You can email  or drop a letter or note to Bruce Mikells, Care of Helping Hands 1749 Bertrand Drive Lafayette La, 70503. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you also include your contact information, a telephone number or email address so that we can verify the situation.

All situations will be evaluated and investigated so that we might offer the best help possible. All information will be kept in the strictest confidence.  Unfortunately we are not able to fulfill all requests for assistance. Whenever possible those that we are unable to assist are directed to other agencies that might better serve their particular need.

Monetary donations for those wishing to help us in our mission may be made to the Community Foundation of Acadiana. Those who wish to offer “in kind” services such as car repair, home repair, product donation or help in other ways can do so by contacting me, Bruce Mikells.

Helping Hands for the Holidays is a different kind of assistance program. We evaluate each case and create a large enough grant to alleviate the situation. This gives the family or individual in question some breathing room to get out from under the burden that has been holding them back.  

In most cases payments are not made directly to the grant recipient. payments will be made by Helping Hands directly to the agency; company or retailer so there can be no confusion as to whether the money was used in the proper way.

Thank you for helping us help others, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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