Most of the news we hear out of municipal governments is about taxes and drainage and road work. However, the mission of local governments isn't always about the big stories. Sometimes, as in the case of the Town of Henderson, the problems that need to be solved are quite unique.

Many residents in Henderson own chickens. It's just part of the way of life and since forever those chickens have been allowed to roam free on their owner's property and because they're chickens they sometimes take liberties and venture onto land that is technically not theirs to roam.

This is where the government has to get involved.

This has prompted Henderson Mayor Sherbin Collette to take action on what appears to be several complaints about the free roaming birds. Collette says he plans to go before the town council and request changes to the City of Henderson's animal nuisance laws.

Should the changes be passed by the council that would allow for fines to be levied against animal owners who don't keep their birds properly contained. The new ordinance would also allow for the birds to be picked up by law enforcement and taken to a local animal shelter.

The bottom line appears to be this. If you own chickens in Henderson you need to keep them confined to your property or they could go to the lockup. If they go to chicken jail they could learn bad habits like Chicken Boxing and then we'll have a whole other issue to deal with.


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