Don't look now but Christmas is a mere one week away.

And on the day where we celebrate our Savior's birth, many of us won't stop to really enjoy the day for what it was intended. Instead, we'll be on our phones doing what we do every day.

For funsies, a website called Satellite Internet went through Google data to figure out what folks from each state disproportionately searched for on Christmas last year.

In the great state of Louisiana, our favorite search was "fast food open on Christmas".

Come on! With all the great cooks we have in our families and the amazing foods we have in Cajun country, we want to go hit a drive-thru?

There were some real doozies though throughout the United States.

For example, Wyoming searched "Kardashian Christmas card" while Alaska and North Carolina simply wanted to know "What Is Christmas?"

Enjoy the complete list here.


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