I saw it on my Twitter feed, did you see it on yours? It was from Popeyes and it instantly grabbed my attention with a single word. The word that Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen tweeted was "pizza". As you might imagine, imaginations all over the fruited plains started to run wild.

Can't you just taste how incredibly good a Popeyes fried chicken pizza would be? That incredibly crunch spicy yet juicy chicken piled high on a thin and crispy crust, layered with onions, bell peppers, and be still my heart pickle chunks! Slather that with a spicy buffalo chicken ranch sauce. I was sold before the drool from my mouth could fall on my phone.

But alas, there is no Popeyes pizza. It was all a marketing ploy about delivery.

Yeah, the tweet that got social media all twitterpated was about the restaurant's family meal delivery option. Which isn't a bad thing. It just wasn't Popeyes pizza. But, it does give fans of the fast-food franchise one more way to "dine out" while safely dining in during the current pandemic state of things.

I guess it just goes to show you that jumping to conclusions based on what you think someone meant on social media can create a lot of confusion. Maybe that's why we should all just cool our jets a little when we read stuff on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and while watching The View. Wait for the facts, then react accordingly.

Hey Popeyes, if you want to use my pizza recipe idea, it's yours to use. I'd just like little extra crunchy chicken crisps on mine if you don't mind.


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