Jeanerette Senior High School teacher Allister Martin had the amazing frame of mind Thursday night, as shots started in the theater, to pull the fire alarm. An action that saved who knows how many lives. She says she's ready to forgive.

Martin, who was also shot by the gunman told Fox News - “We have to forgive him and pray for him,” she said of the gunman, according to her father who spoke to Fox News.

Martin says after she was shot and pulled the alarm, she hid in the bushes outside of the Grand 16 afraid the shooter would find her and finish her off.

Martin was shot by the gunman, and still managed to get the alarm.

Martin's Father told Fox that his daughter comes from a family of devout Catholics, and he couldn't be happier after hearing his daughter say she's ready to forgive, so quickly after such a horrifyingly terrible event.