He has been called The Cajun John Wayne. He has been ridiculed by some and praised by many because of the success of his very frank and matter of fact video series on KATC TV 3. He is Clay Higgins and tonight he is expected to announce he is seeking political office.

Higgins gained notoriety on the St. Landry Crime Stoppers series. In that series his direct approach to common sense crime fighting capture the attention of the state and the world. It is expected he will be using that notoriety to springboard his run for either congress or the United States Senate.

The Senate race is perhaps more wide open, it doesn’t have the prohibitive favorite like the 3rd District Congressional race, so my guess is he’ll go for the Senate.

Those are the comments made to the Louisiana Radio Network by University of Louisiana Political Science Professor Pearson Cross.

HIggins has never run for political office. He is truly a political outsider and that appeals to a lot of voters. He will not be the only political figure seeking to garner your attention today.

Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell is expected hold a big political event this afternoon. He has already received an endorsement for a Senate run from Governor John Bel Edwards. Edwards is expected to in attendance at that function.

Also Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden is expected to announce his run for congress today. He will be seeking the 2nd Congressional District seat.

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