•  Waffle pretzels
  •  Hershey’s Hug chocolates
  •  M&Ms
  •  Waffle pretzels
  •  Rolo candies
  •  Pecan halves
  • Waffle pretzels
  • White chocolate
  • Candy cane dust

2020 has caused us to be separate from family, friends, co-workers and from our daily routines. This Christmas as we end a very trying year, to be with our family and close friends may pose a bit of a challenge, still. These treats can be enjoyed in-person with family and friends or placed in tins or decorative bags to be delivered (even after Christmas). These goodies will let your family and friends see the fun side of you.

This year has also brought on a shortage of money for many families. These simple treats are not only quick and easy but inexpensive to make.

Have fun making these Christmas delights. Enjoy! Merry Christmas to you and those you love.


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