Family and friends who plan on traveling back to Acadiana for the holidays can expect to pay a little bit more to get here. According to one internet travel site, Expedia, those booking flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas travel can plan on paying as much as 17% more.

The reason for the increase in price is the simple economic theory of supply and demand. Travel industry expert Dale Irvin explained to the Louisiana Radio Network how that concept applies to holiday travel.

"So we're finding that there are fewer flights in general. But if you've flown lately you've probably noticed there are very few empty seats sitting out there."

There are ways the savvy traveler can beat the crush of holiday crowds and actually save money on airfare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you can be flexible in your travel times and dates, you could save a bundle.  Irvin suggested traveling on the holiday itself instead of the day before.

For example if you can fly on Thanksgiving Day not only will the crowds be less but your choice of flights will be better and your price lower. If you can return to your original destination on Saturday or the following Monday you should be able to book better deals too.

Over 20-million people are expected to fly between now and the end of the year. That means you need to book now to get the best fare and the most accommodating travel times. I personally have found that traveling out of Lafayette's Airport is not only more convenient but quite cost effective when you consider ancillary expenses such as travel time, gasoline, parking, and lodging should you choose an out of town airport for originating flight.

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