Isn't it strange that those who demand respect from our law enforcement officers seem so unwilling to reciprocate with similar respect toward those who have been sworn to uphold the law. Below is a video of an incident that happened in Houma Louisiana on Sunday night.

The officer seen in the video was responding to a noise complaint. As you can tell by the sound of the crowd, it most likely was pretty noisy in that location. As the officer engages the crowd he is doused with water. Not a very respectful move in my opinion.

To the officer's credit, instead of responding with violence or brute force he walks away from the crowd only to be doused again. For the crowd assembled it was good fun. For Houma Police, this is no laughing matter.

Here is what Houma Police Chief Dana Coleman had to say about the incident.

Last night one of our officers responded to a disturbance where several people were blocking the road in the Mechanicville area. As you can see in the video someone initially wet him with water. He was walking away and another person wet him with water. And then as he was walking away someone threw a bucket of water at him and hit him with it. We understand people try to have fun and games, but when you start committing batteries on law enforcement, we can’t tolerate it.

The Chief's comments were chronicled in a report from KLFY TV. The officer, who was not identified by the Chief, was not injured in the incident.

If you or someone you know has more information on this assault on a police officer Houma Police would like to speak with you. If you choose to remain anonymous you may offer your tips through Crime Stoppers.

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