Are we having a war on drugs or are we not having a war on drugs? If we are having a war on drugs then it appears to me as if the Louisiana House of Representatives is not really sure which team it's playing for.

I know, I know, with some of the decisions that come out of that legislative body there is certainly enough circumstantial evidence to believe they are all smoking something but allowing convicted drug felons access to food stamp assistance after their release from prison seems counterintuitive to my less than cultured brain.

I don't want to see anyone go hungry. That's why people get jobs. I realize for convicted felons employment opportunities are limited but wait here is a nutty idea from a crazy citizen of this state.

How about we let convicted drug felons work for the state doing all those jobs the state can't afford to do? We could pay these "rehabilitated" citizens in food stamp assistance. That way the convicted felons get an opportunity to show that they are capable of being trusted on a job site. They also get the food stipends they need to not go hungry. If they fail to show up for work they lose their benefits. By the way, we should pay them daily.

What an idiotic concept.

The Louisiana House obviously knows so much better than I do. They'd rather give a free handout to people who distribute poison among our populace. Yeah, that's why we elected those people. Besides, we wouldn't want legislators running afoul with their dealers right?

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