The House Appropriations Committee has approved the fiscal spending plan for next year. If that plan passes intact all the cuts that were made to higher education across the state will be restored. This would be possible because of revenue generating bills that were passed by the House in this session. Those who love learning should not stand and shout just yet. This measure has a long way to go before it will be a done deal.

Appropriations Committee Chairman Jim Fannin says increasing the tax on cigarettes and reducing the tax benefits that some industries get from the state have helped a lot. Fannin told the Louisiana Radio Network the goal was to reach over $900 million dollars in new revenue generation. That hasn't happened yet.

We need about 950-million, we got 70% of it. So I hope as it goes through the process, we can find the other 30%.

While this might seem like great news to those concerned about cuts to higher education. There is still the threat of a veto from Governor Bobby Jindal. Jindal has stated that he will not approve any budget that raises the taxes on Louisiana citizens.  When asked about the threat of veto Chairman Fannin said,

You'll have to ask him (Jindal), we're just in the business of trying to balance the budget.

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