If I were to tell you the story of a small town with a police force that only had one officer patrolling the entire city you'd probably think I was going to tell you the story of Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry. But you'd be wrong, Andy at least had Deputy Barney Fife in Ville Platte the police force there doesn't have that much more.

City officials in that Evangeline Parish town are feeling the same squeeze a lot of smaller communities are feeling when it comes to law enforcement. They simply don't have enough officers and the officers they have employed have been lured away by communities that can pay better wages.

In Ville Platte, the shortage of police is so severe that Chief Neil Lartigue told KLFY that the department only has one officer patrolling the entire town per shift. Cuts to the department's budget that were enacted earlier this month are partly to blame. The Chief also explained that he's lost four officers this month to other higher-paying jobs.

The Chief and civic leaders are currently working to resolve the issue and hire more officers. So, if you're interested in a career in law enforcement and you can pass all the requirements we know of at least one town that would really love the opportunity to talk to you.

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