We all want better education for our children. We want them to leave school with a diploma that actually means something. For many parents in Louisiana and many educators the effort to produce well rounded citizens is a top priority. But, according to at least one national survey the fruits of our labor are low hanging, if not rotting on the ground.

The people at Wallet Hub recently released a study that looked at the quality of schools in each state. Our state ranked 47th out of 50 in that particular study. In specific areas of the study the state's educational system was graded slightly better. In school safety Louisiana schools were ranked 44th.

In a report published by the Louisiana Radio Network Baton Rouge Representative Steve Carter, the Chairman of the House Education Committee said,

I do think we've made strides and a lot of things to try to improve the quality of education in our state.We've done a lot as far as letter grades are concerned and as far as accountability is concerned.

This study not only looked at the educational process in the school system. It took into account the lifestyle and atmosphere surrounding the educational experience. In our state's case the study revealed that many of our students feel threatened or have been injured while at school. The state came in second to last in that particular category.

We need to find a way to cease the bullying. It's just not right and we want kids to enjoy their experience in going to school and not have fear.

You can see more results of the Wallet Hub study here.

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