There is a new report out that ranks 2023's Safest States in America and sadly, Louisiana ranks at the absolute bottom of the list.

How was the list determined?

In compiling the most and least secure states, the folks at WalletHub compared all 50 states across 52 key metrics.

The data set ranges from assaults per capita to the total loss amount from climate disasters per capita to the unemployment rate.

WalletHub compared the 50 states across five key dimensions: 1) Personal & Residential Safety, 2) Financial Safety, 3) Road Safety, 4) Workplace Safety, and 5) Emergency Preparedness.

Source: WalletHub

Since Louisiana ranks dead last overall, you can guess where the state lands in individual categories.

Here are some of the lowlights when it comes to safety in Louisiana (1=Safest; 25=Avg):

  • 50th – Murders & Non-Negligent Manslaughters per Capita
  • 47th – Loss Amounts from Climate Disasters per Capita
  • 7th – Fatal Occupational Injuries per 100,000 Full-Time Workers
  • 46th – Fatalities per 100 Million Vehicle Miles of Travel
  • 46th – Assaults per Capita
  • 38th – Job Security
  • 37th – Bullying Incidence Rate
  • 29th - Share of Uninsured Population
  • 26th - Sex Offenders per Capita

Each metric evaluated was graded on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the highest level of safety.

Which states are the most safe in America?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Vermont topped this list as the Safest State in the U.S. It was first in Workplace Safety, second in Financial Safety, and fourth in Personal & Residential Safety, among others.

Rounding out the top 5 are Maine, New Hampshire, Utah and Massachusetts.

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