In an effort to always keep you prepared for anything, we now provide a simple how-to video of how to catch a kangaroo. Who knew it was this easy to do!

In my life I have caught birds, squirrels and a possum. I even caught a deer, well I hit the deer with my car so that might not qualify as a "catch". We used to make box traps for squirrels and birds. The box trap is nothing more than a box propped up by a stick. The stick is attached to along piece of string and when the prey crawls under the box to eat the bait you pull the string. They use this kind of trap in Tom and Jerry cartoons a lot.

To catch a kangaroo you don't need a box or string, you only need a shopping bag. Watch this video how easy it is. I will say this if you do find yourself about to slip a shopping bag over the head of a kangaroo I have only this bit of advice. You better leave the zoo because you will be arrested for hassling the animals.

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