With Summer and many people working from home due to COVID-19, we're spending more time outside in our yards. As we're out doing yard work or just relaxing on the patio, we're going to start noticing things on our property. One of the things you might notice are little mole trenches in your yard. Check out this video we shot here at the station catching a pesky lil mole that was tearing up our property.

Chris Reed from our sister station hot 107.9 does something I've never seen, and it's pretty amazing. He noticed the ground moving outside of their studio and quickly ran and grabbed a shovel. That's when things got crazy.

As you'll see in the video, Chris waits quietly for the ground to move again, then plunges the shovel in and simply scoops the mole out!

Obviously, Chris is a mole whisperer and posses a skill-set that is rarely seen in most humans. But, with a little practice and patience you can probably pull this off and make your yard mole free.



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