12-year old Reginald Fields was mowing a client's yard when suddenly, the police showed up. That's right, someone called 911 on him because...why?

Reginald Fields owns and operates "Mr. Reggie's Lawn Cutting Service" in Maple Heights, Ohio. While he was cutting a client's grass, a neighbor reportedly called police because he supposedly cut a part of their yard.

"His customer, Lucille Holt, said she was confused when she saw police, but quickly learned the next-door neighbors called to complain that the group was in their yard and had cut about a foot onto their property."

Yes, they called police on a 12-year-old who accidentally cut a little bit of their yard.

Well, it backfired on the grinchy whistle blowers. After the story hit the local news, Reginald started getting flooded with customers.

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