Everyone is excited about the new Lafayette location of Drago's, but a lot of us are burning with internal desire to know: How exactly do we pronounce 'Drago's'?

Famed for their signature charbroiled oysters and a large selection of seafood offerings, I confess, even with the restaurant's popularity, I found myself at a pronunciation crossroads.

My default has always been 'DRAH-go’s', influenced heavily by childhood memories of the Rocky movies. But is that really how it's said?

Interestingly enough, I've heard friends from New Orleans, where Drago's first made its mark, offer up to three different pronunciations. And since its grand opening in Lafayette, the debate has only intensified.

Is it 'DRAH-go’s'? Perhaps 'DRAY-go’s'? Or could it be 'DRAG-oH's'?

To settle this not-so-serious debate, we turned to the source: the owner of Drago's. And, yes, he's cleared the air... well, sort of.

Dive into the video linked above to discover the pronunciation. Share it with your friends, and then why not sample some of Drago's mouth-watering menu items at their new Lafayette spot, nestled at the intersection of Johnston Street and Doucet?

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