This goes under the category of 'Things I never had to worry about in south Louisiana'....until 2018. Ugh! Leaving work last night I was completely stranded in the parking lot of the radio station with car windows and windshield that were iced over, and not defrosting at all. Every time the windshield would get a little bit defrosted, it would just re freeze again. It took me a very long time to get home, after I got the windows partially cleared, and I was terrified the entire way.

Sooooo, I found a very helpful video on YouTube of what to do when you need to de ice your car windshield. And yes, I have my spray bottle of alcohol and water ready to go for tonight. Watch the video below, with several very beneficial ways to prevent disaster, and be careful out there, y'all! And let's all hope we don't have to use these tips anymore this year.

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