I had this bright idea to hang up a dry erase board here at our studios for all the disc jockeys to write down their great big ideas.

My simple yet brilliant idea nearly backfired on me.

I was in the middle of four things yesterday and one of those things was to quickly write a thought in my head on the big board. But I grabbed the wrong pen and hastily wrote in permanent marker!

As I was lamenting in the hallway over my big whoops (ok, I was whining like a child) about how I would never be able to take the permanent marker off, Bernadette Lee came to my rescue.

In passing, she said, "Jude, no problem. Just write over it in the dry erase marker and it comes right off."

"Witchcraft!!!", I yelled to Bernie...then tried her sorcery. The results are contained in the video below.

I will never be the same person again and neither will you.

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