Cats are nature's pains in the butt. If you are a cat person I am sorry for offending you, but you know it's true. These animals are takers. They are worse than any Washington politician when it comes to having a paw in the cookie jar. A cat lives only for itself and will only come to be near you if it is a benefit to the cat.

I have had my issues with cats around my house. Granted, these aren't even my cats, but they come from next door to bother me. One of the biggest issues I have with cats is they leave dirty little cat prints all over the cars. I hate that. I don't mind the cat sleeping on the car, just wipe your feet before you climb all over my Thunderbird..

Here is a video of a cat on a car and the driver's rather unique method for encouraging the cat to leave. The cat wasn't hurt in the making of this video although I am sure he was startled quite a bit.

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