Carnival games at the fair look simple enough to win. That is why so many of us try our luck and skill to win fabulous prizes along the midway. The truth is the prizes aren't that fabulous at all and the games are harder than 7th grade math. Unless you know the secrets of how the games work.

Some might think that carnival games are rigged. I certainly hope that those in the carnival industry would have higher standards. These tips will only help you if the game is open and honest and quite frankly the carnival worker wants you to win.

The more people that are seen strolling around the midway with a stuffed bear, bunny or over sized baseball bat the better. This encourages more of us to come and play the games because if that lady with 9 children and three teeth can win then so can I.

Most carnival games are not games of chance, they are games of skill. The problem with skill is it takes time to develop. That means you will be plunking down more money to learn the game before it finally starts to pay off for you. Since many of the games require specific knowledge of how to win we thought we'd help you out with some winning advice from some actual carnival workers.